Release Notes

Curious about what's new and improved in Studio? Dive into our latest releases.

May 2024

New Feature

Clip Previews for Cues

We've introduced Clip Previews for Cues in our Beta Projects. This feature allows you to view a list of the preview clips you’ve generated within a cue editing session. You can easily compare, replay, and select the best clips to save to your project, all within the Cues tab. This added functionality makes your workflow faster and more efficient.

Voice Cue: Pitch

We've introduced Pitch, a new Voice Cue that allows you to adjust the tone of your voiceover. With Pitch, you can now customize your voice's tonality, ranging from high to low, to achieve the perfect sound.

Bug fixes and improvements

Resolved: Clips downloading as empty files

We've resolved a problem that previously caused downloads of clips with special characters in their names to be empty. You can now download your clips without any issues.

Improved: Clip renaming

We have introduced a new text box to make renaming your clips easier.

April 2024

New Features

Favoriting Team Voices

This feature streamlines the voice selection process for your team across projects, saving time and ensuring a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints. Ensure every audio output reflects your brand by creating a curated favorite list of approved voices for your team. 

SSML for WellSaid's API

This powerful feature allows developers to enhance voice output by specifying how specific text elements should be pronounced. With SSML for WSL's API, developers can ensure accurate pronunciation of dates, times, numbers, and more, leading to improved naturalness, accuracy, and comprehensibility of synthesized speech.

Avatar Response Query for WellSaid's API

The Avatar Response Query endpoint provides information about available voices, including speaker_ID, accent, avatar ID, and characteristics. This functionality streamlines voice selection, customization, and experimentation, enhancing efficiency and allowing for creative and innovative applications.

Voices page

Discovering the perfect voice to tell your story is now easier than ever, thanks to our latest update: the Voices page. This central hub showcases a diverse collection of voices, styles, and samples, streamlining your search and providing a unified space for all your favorites.

Explore the new voices page and how it can help you discover the perfect voice for your project!

Voices alt 3

March 2024

View API character usage in Studio

Monitor your API character usage during each billing period right in Studio!

February 2024

New Features

Self-service teams 
Upgrade and manage your plan to unlock Team features autonomously. Take advantage of team features without ever needing to pause for support.

Direct API key access 

Seamlessly integrate voice into your product using our API. Experience it firsthand with a 14-day trial.

Bug fixes and improvements

Resolved: Pause cue error in "New (Beta)" version

We've resolved the pausing cues error that some users experienced while creating in our beta version of Studio. Specifically, the "longer" pause now behaves as intended instead of a shorter pause. This fix ensures that the timing in your cues works as expected for your voiceovers. 

WSL Cues
We invite you to explore our beta model and experience the improved pause cue again or for the first time! And as always, your input is vital to us. If you have any questions, encounter issues, or want to share your thoughts, feel free to reach out.

January 2024

Apply Respelling Suggestions

Improve your pronunciation with the Respelling suggestions feature, providing accurate suggestions for industry-specific, uncommon, and complex words, among others.

Our Respelling Suggestions feature is powered by Oxford Languages. To learn more, head over to our blog.