A New Hub, for All Your Voices

Discovering the perfect voice to tell your story is now easier than ever, thanks to our latest update: the Voices page. This central hub showcases a diverse collection of voices, styles, and samples, streamlining your search and providing a unified space for all your personal favorites.

Let's explore the new voices hub and how it can help you discover the perfect voice for your project!

Voices alt 3-1

Key Benefits and Features

  • Explore a plethora of voices: Immerse yourself in a dedicated space for all our voices to shine. Easily browse and discover styles that resonate with your production.
  • Preview voice styles: Listen to new voice samples to experience the nuances of each voice, ensuring the voice aligns with your creative vision.
  • Find your voice, fast: Use our advanced filter to quickly locate voices based on characteristics, accents, and more. Find the exact match you're looking for in minutes.
  • Favorites hub: Build a favorites list for instant access to your preferred voices for personal and team use. 

View the Voices Page in Action

Log in to your WellSaid account and navigate to the Voices Page in the left-hand menu. 

  • Explore featured and recently added voices to our collection.
  • Preview voices and their varying styles.
  • Add any voice that resonates with your project to your favorites. 
  • Start creating stellar voiceovers!


Q: Can I listen to a voice before choosing one?

A: Absolutely! The Voices Page lets you preview each voice in various styles. Hear the nuances, feel the tones, and pick the voice that best resonates with your project.

Q: Where can I view my favorites list?

A: In the Voices page, navigate to the Favorites tab to view your favorites list.

Q: Can I remove any voices from my favorites list?

A: Yes! Simply open the three dots menu to select “Remove from Favorites.”

Q: Can I use my favorite voices across project versions?

A: You can! Your favorites will appear across your Current and Beta project versions.

Explore the Voices Page today and let us know your thoughts. If there’s anything you would like to see, you can find us here.