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How do I get the right pronunciation?

Get the AI to say a specific word the way you want it said.

Our Voice Model is very good at predicting pronunciation, but a few things can trip it up: unfamiliar or rare nouns (i.e., company names, words borrowed from other languages, or specialized terminology), homonyms (read vs. read), acronyms, and numbers.

Get words spoken the way you want with these best practices.

Best practices for adjusting pronunciation

Acronyms as words

For an acronym as a word, try spelling the word the way it sounds. For example, FEMA sounds better when you enter it as feema or ::FEE-ma::

Regular words

For a regular-length word, try spelling the word the way it sounds. For example, edamame sounds better when you enter "edamawmay"  

We recommend using our Respellings tool for more accurate pronunciations to get ::ed-uh-MAW-may:: 

Longer words

For a longer word, try breaking it up by syllables and adjusting the syllable that doesn't sound right.

For example, triiodothyronine sounds better when you enter it as "try idoe thighro neen" (including quotation marks).

If using our Respellings tool,  ::try-yuh-uh-doo-THY-ruh-neen::


Found the perfect spelling? 

Add it to your Pronunciation Library to save for later use. 

Emphasize a word or phrase

Add quotation marks ("") around a word or phrase to let the AI know to pay particular attention.

Try a Respelling

Check out our Respellings Guide! 

Respellings give you a way to format a word that tells the AI exactly what sound each syllable should make and which syllables should be emphasized. 


Struggling with a word?
We're here to help! Reach out to us at Support, and we'll help you get the correct pronunciation.