A Guide to Replacements

Replacements allow you to add Respellings and creative spellings to your content.

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What are Replacements?
What’s changed with Respellings
View and select between replacements
Manage your replacements
Tips and Tricks

What are Replacements? 

Replacements allow you to substitute a word in your script with a different word. Actually, you can replace any set of characters with another set of characters, not just regular dictionary words.

You can add replacements to your script in one of the following ways:

Respellings is a unique way to format a word in the Studio Editor that tells the AI exactly what sound each syllable should make and which syllables should be emphasized. 

  • Example: For edamame, you can include ed-uh-MAW-may

Creative spellings is an alternative way of spelling a word in order to prompt the AI to give the performance you're looking for. 

  • Example: For edamame, you can include edamawmay

What’s changed with Respellings?

Our next version, currently labeled Future,  introduces two major changes to Respellings.

  • Each respelling must be associated with an original word. To help the transition, you will now be prompted to add your original word for any respellings found in your script.

  • We’ve also introduced a new Respelling toggle feature. 
    • Respellings still work the same, but you don’t need to rely on the double colon format (:: ::).
    • In the Studio Editor & Pronunciation Library, you will now see Respelling toggles that allow you to choose whether to save your replacement as a creative spelling or a true Respelling.
    • Existing Respellings that you’ve saved in your library will still function, even if you’ve saved them in the double colon format (:: ::).

View and select between Replacements

When a replacement has been added to your library, the editor will detect the replacement and show them in bold. 


To switch replacements, double-click the bolded word to display the replacement toolbar. 


Choose from a list of saved replacements or toggle individual replacements off completely.


Manage your Replacements

Easily make edits to your replacements in the Pronunciation Library.

  1. In your WellSaid account, in the left menu, locate the Pronunciation section.
  2. Locate the word you want to edit, or click the arrow to select which replacement you want to update.replacements_4
  3. In the right panel, you have the option to edit or delete the replacement.

Need to add a word? Learn how to add replacements to your Pronunciation Library.

Tips and Tricks

  • Add emphasis on a word: Every word in the English language has at least one emphasized syllable. Some words or acronyms might sound better with two emphasized syllables.
  • For consistent pronunciation across scripts: Use a respelling for a more exact pronunciation.