How do I get the AI to pronounce my acronym correctly?

Acronyms (or individual letters) may need to be spelled phonetically to get the right sound.

Some acronyms are pronounced as a word (NASA), while others aren’t (NBA). Sometimes the AI gets this right, but when it doesn’t, try one of these approaches:

Acronym as a word

If you want an acronym pronounced like a word but the AI is spelling it out, spell the acronym like a word.

If you can’t come tonight, lemme know eigh-sap.

ASAP →​ e​igh-sap

Acronyms as individual letters

If you want an acronym spelled out but the AI is pronouncing it like a word, add spaces
between the letters.

Add your notes to the M O M document.

MOM→​ ​M O M

Sometimes, you may need to spell out a letter phonetically to get the AI to pronounce it as an individual letter. Here's a guide to help:

Phonetic Alphabet Replacements

Letter Alt 1 Alt 2 Alt 3 Alt 4
A ai ay eigh  
B bee be    
C see cee    
D dee de    
E ee eei ea  
F eff "ef"    
G jee dgee    
H eitch aitch    
I eye aiy aye  
J jay jai    
K kay kai    
L el ell    
M em emm    
N en enn    
O o oa owe  
P pee pea    
Q cue kew kyew  
R arr are our aur
S ess      
T tee tea    
U you yew yoo yu
V vee vea    
W double-you double-yew dubblyew  
X exx eks ex  
Y wye wyie    
Z zee