What is a Project?

In WellSaid Studio, Projects act as folders to easily organize your clips.

Projects allow you to easily organize and manage your clips while also helping you streamline your workflow.

💡 Tip

  • Share your project with others by sharing your project's public link. Learn how.
  • For Teams accounts, collaborate and share projects with your team. Learn how.

Start a New Project

  1. In Studio, navigate to Projects from the left menu.
  2. Select New Project on the top right of the Studio.
  3. Give your project a name to start creating.  

New Project

Projects allotted to each tier

  • Trial: 1 Project
  • Maker: Up to 5 Projects
  • Creative: Up to 50 Projects
  • Team: Up to 100 Projects (per user)
  • Enterprise: Unlimited

Interested in testing our Beta Project Version? Check out what we're working on here