Introducing Respelling Suggestions

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone with the launch of Respelling suggestions powered by Oxford Languages within Studio.

We collaborated with Oxford Languages, the world's leading dictionary publisher, to enhance our AI voices and improve their accuracy in pronouncing respelled words consistently.

Despite the great success users have had with the Respelling feature, we recognize the challenge of manually typing respelled words. Respelled words are easier to read than to write, after all. Excitingly, we've introduced enhancements to make Respellings even more user-friendly.

With Respelling suggestions, you can enjoy effortless pronunciation improvement of over 251,000 words (some with multiple variations), making pronunciations of the majority of industry-specific, uncommon, and complex words and terminology a breeze.

Say farewell to crafting your own Respelling replacements —we’ve got a suggestion for it!

Key Benefits and Features

  • Streamlined Workflow: Effortlessly create Respelling replacements in seconds with Respelling suggestions.
  • Collaboration with Oxford Languages: Access to Oxford Languages' English pronunciation dataset, providing a nuanced understanding of pronunciation.
  • Industry-Specific Terminology: Explore Respellings tailored for industry-specific terms, especially beneficial in technical sectors like medicine.
  • Pronunciation Preferences Control: The suggestion feature now offers a variety of pronunciation preferences for each word. This allows you to localize for regional productions, ensuring flexibility in pronunciations such as "AHL-muhnd" and "A-muhnd."
  • Customization Flexibility: Suggested Respellings serve as a starting point; you can always fine-tune before saving the replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add multiple suggestions for a single word?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to add multiple Respelling pronunciations for a single word. 

Q: Are Respelling suggestions available for loaned or borrowed words like résumé?

A: Yes, with the exception of the letter ñ,  as its corresponding phoneme lies outside the standard English phonemic spectrum.

Q: Can I get suggestions for heteronyms such as produce and read?

A: Certainly! Our suggestions cover words with multiple pronunciations, accommodating various ways they can be spoken.

Q: What categories of industry terminology are covered by Respelling suggestions?

A: A wide array! Respelling suggestions span various industries, including academia, engineering, finance, legal, marketing, medical, and more.

Q: What if there are no suggestions for a word or acronym?

A: If there are no suggestions, check out our Respelling guide to create your own. Additionally, explore our guide on how to handle acronyms.