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Acronym Pronunciation

Acronyms pose a pronunciation challenge, varying between being spoken as complete words (e.g., NASA) or as individual letters (e.g., NBA). When the AI struggles with these distinctions, there are a few approaches you can take.

Note: Use our Respelling tool to give precise instructions to the AI, specifying how each syllable should be pronounced and which syllables to emphasize.

For instance, the acronym LASER can be entered as ::LAY-zer::.

Acronym Pronunciation Styles

Acronym as a word

If you want an acronym pronounced like a word, spell it phonetically or use the Respellings chart to specify each syllable.


If you can’t come tonight, let me know ASAP.

ASAP →​ e​igh-sap

NASA was established in 1958.

NASA →​ ::NA-suh::

Acronyms as individual letters

If you want an acronym to be pronounced letter by letter, add spaces or dashes between them or use a Respelling for better control. If using a Respelling, stressing the first and last syllables only tends to produce better results. (i.e. AY-ehs-ay-PEE). 

Add your notes to the M O M document.

MOM →​ ​M.O.M. or  M-O-M 


BMW  is a German car brand.

BMW →​    ::BEE-EM-DUH-buhl-yoo::


I need the memo ASAP.

ASAP→​    ::AY:: ::EHS:: ::AY:: ::PEE::

Respellings for acronyms

This guide can help you respell acronyms or initialisms where each letter is pronounced individually (like ASPCA, LCD, BBC, FBI). 

A → ::AY::

N → ::EHN::

B → ::BEE::

O → ::OH::

C → ::SEE::

P → ::PEE::

D → ::DEE::

Q → ::KYOO::

E → ::EE::

R → ::AR::

F → ::EHF::

S → ::EHS::

G → ::JEE::

T → ::TEE::

H → ::AYCH::

U → ::YOO::

I → ::Y::

V → ::VEE::

J → ::JAY::

W → ::DUH-buhl-yoo::

K → ::KAY::

X → ::EHKS::

L → ::EHL::

Y → ::WY::

M → ::EHM::

Z → ::ZEE::  or ::ZEHD::