How do I add a word to the Pronunciation library?

Pronunciation helps streamline your workflow by saving words or phrases that need phonetic spelling to achieve your preferred sound.

Adding a Word 

1) To add a word to your library, head to Studio and click Pronunciation on the left-hand menu.

You will see two text boxes. In the left-hand text box, type in the word’s dictionary spelling. In this example, if we were using the word ‘edamame’ it may need to be spelled '::ehd-ah-MAH-may::' using our Respellings tool.

When adding phonetic spelling to the pronunciation library, remember to include the double colon (:: ::) as shown below.


For more information on Respellings, please reference our comprehensive guide.

2) In the right-hand text box, type in the spelling replacement that creates the right sound in Studio (in this case, ::ehd-ah-MAH-may::).

3) Then click Add, and the new word and replacement will be added to your pronunciation library. 

When the Pronunciation toggle is turned on in Studio, any word or phrase from your library will automatically be rendered with the replacement you’ve provided. A message below the Pronunciation toggle will display how many words have been replaced.

Pronunciation Toggle

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Learn how to import your Pronunciation library to Studio and share it with your team.