What counts as a download?

The download allotment is the maximum number of clips you can have during a billing period. Once you reach your clip limit, you can only render or download clips if you delete eligible existing clips to free up space.

What counts as a download?

A clip only counts towards your total number of downloads if the clip has been:
  • Downloaded
  • Combined
  • Was not deleted before the end of your billing cycle

NOTE:  Unlimited retakes are included in all subscription levels, so once you get the right take, make sure to delete the rejected clips to free up your credits.

What makes a clip ineligible for credit?

Once you've downloaded a clip or used our combine feature, each clip used will no longer be eligible for credit.

Example: If you combine 4 clips into one Combined clip, that will count as 4 downloads. Deleting the clips afterward will not add credits back to your account.

Does deleting a clip count against my monthly/annual total?

Each time you create a clip, your clip count will increase.


While you might see your clip count number go up and down, you'll know which clip is eligible for credit by the +1 icon that appears when you hover over the delete button. 


Does downloading a clip more than once count against your total downloads?

  • Clips that have been downloaded or combined can be downloaded multiple times without increasing your total clip count.  
  • Recombining previously downloaded or combined clips do not count toward your total clip count. 
  • Combining new clips with previously downloaded or combined clip adds that many clips to the total clip count. 

Ran out of credits/downloads?

You can upgrade to the next subscription tier or reach out to Support to renew early.


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