How do Unlimited Retakes and Credits work?

Learn how clips are credited and debited from your WellSaid Studio subscription.

Note: Each WellSaid Studio subscription has a maximum number of clips allotted for every billing cycle. You can always check your Studio usage by clicking on Account > Plan

Unlimited Retakes and Credits

A used clip is an audio file that has been downloaded or combined or was not deleted before the end of a billing cycle. When you click Create, each audio file rendered will increase your clip count by one.

RetakeSuppose a clip has not been downloaded or combined. In that case, a plus one icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the audio file when you hover over the delete button. This icon indicates that deleting this clip will give credit back to your account.

What makes a clip ineligible for credit?

Once you've downloaded a clip or used our combine feature, each clip used will no longer be eligible for credit.

Example: If you combine 4 audio files into one Combined file, that will count as 4 downloads. Deleting the clips afterwards will not add credits back to your account.

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