Selecting a Project version

Studio Projects just got an upgrade—you can now select which version of Studio you want to use with our new Project Versions feature.

With Project versions, each project is assigned a version (Current, New) that determines the available features. This means you can continue using the latest version of Studio for your ongoing projects or explore our latest features in Beta.

Explore our New Project version in Beta! Learn more here.

Selecting a Project version

  1. In your WellSaid Studio account, navigate to Projects from the left menu.
  2. Click New Project on the top right of the Studio.
  3. Give your Project a name.
  4. In the drop-down menu labeled Select version, pick which version of Studio you want to use.
    1. Current version: Select this option if you prefer to use the familiar version of WellSaid Studio with its existing features.
    2. New (Beta version): Opt for the Beta version to explore the latest features and voice models.

      Please note that as this feature is in Beta, there may be some variations in your experience and the audio output over time. We recommend only using it for projects you won’t need to edit in the future.

  5. Click Create Project to start creating your next project.