Why did my payment fail?

Payments can fail for many reasons, from incorrectly entered information to bank issues.

If you received this error message:

If an error occurred while attempting to upgrade your subscription, please contact support@wellsaidlabs.com.

Check the following to see how to fix your payment issue.

Incorrectly entered billing details?

Double-check that your credit card, expiration date, and CSV details are the same as the card. Entering a single incorrect number can cause an error. 

Is your card expired, invalid, or has sufficient funds?

Contact the card's issuing bank to confirm there is no hold on your account, insufficient funds, or provide authorization for international payments. 

Is your Payment method supported?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • American Express
  • China UnionPay (CUP)
  • Discover & Diners
  • Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)
  • Mastercard
  • Visa 

Are international purchases enabled?

Check with your bank or card provider to see if you can make international purchases. If enabled, please reach out to Support for further assistance.

Still having issues?

If you cannot process a credit card payment, you may complete this form here and email the complete form to accounts@wellsaidlabs.com. This option only applies to annual subscriptions.