How to Get Your Avatars Talking: A Guide to Dialogue Creation

Conversation between two voice avatars can inject life and engagement into a project. Here are a couple of approaches to creating a smooth and compelling conversation:

TIP: You can also check out our sample project to see this process in action.

Take Turns

One way to create a dialogue between two avatars is to render each avatar's lines separately and then merge them into one clip using the Combine tool.

  1. Render your first person’s line using one avatar, then switch to another avatar (click the avatar icon right above the editor) to record your second person’s response.
  2. Keep going back and forth until you've created all the lines.
  3. Use the Combine tool to merge your clips. 

Divide and Conquer

Another approach is to render all of your first avatar’s lines, then all of your second avatar’s lines.

  1. Render all of one avatar’s lines, then render all of the other avatar’s lines.
  2. Once you have all the clips, you can arrange them in the proper order.
  3. Use the Combine tool to merge your clips. 

Which way should you go?

It just comes down to personal preference. If you're feeling ambitious and want bring a whole cast of characters to life, you can repeat the steps for as many characters as you want and let the Combine tool work its magic.