How do I get questions to sound right?

Questions are complicated in English. Here are a few ways to get it right.

The human voice uses many tonal changes to indicate what we are asking. Since questions don't always go up in inflection at the end of a sentence, it is pretty common to ask a question with upward inflection in the middle of a sentence.

There is much context required to know where to put that inflection in a question, which is why our AI is still learning how to do this well!

Tips to help the AI get the right inflection

  1. You can try putting a comma before the final word: How are you doing, today?
  2. Another option is to leave the punctuation off the end of the sentence: How are you doing today
  3. You can also try adding a combination of commas/ellipses + quotation marks to the end of a sentence. How are you doing, "today?"
  4. Additionally, you can add quotes around words in the middle of a sentence. How are "you" doing today?
  5. Last, try giving the AI a retake. Because our voices make a unique prediction each time you click Create, you’ll notice subtle differences in their performances with each take, even if you don’t make any changes.
  6. Make sure you are on our latest WellSaid Voice Model. If you have enabled TTS versions, ensure the version says "latest" when creating in Studio.

Still not right?

Feel free to reach out to Support. We're happy to help!