Inside Studio's 5,000-character limit

In the Studio, each clip is intentionally capped at a maximum of 5,000 characters. This serves multiple purposes that help you have the best experience on your projects. 

Realistic voices

The 5,000-character limit ensures that the voices generated within Studio maintain a high level of realism. By restricting the text length for each clip, our model can produce more lifelike and natural-sounding voice outputs. 

Editability and streamlined workflow

Limiting each clip to 5,000 characters allows for better editability and helps streamline your workflow. With a concise and manageable text length for each clip, you can easily review, modify, and fine-tune your script.



  • 5,000 characters is about 5 - 6 minutes of audio.
  • Scripts exceeding the 5,000 character limit will prompt you to render by paragraph or lower your character count.

For scripts over 5,000 characters

Render in pieces less than 5,000 characters each, then use our Combine feature to consolidate the audio clips into one clip you can download.

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