List of WellSaid's Voice Avatars (Maker tier)

The Maker subscription includes access to a library of 24 voice avatars. Here's a breakdown of the available avatars:

American (US) Voice Avatars

  • Alana B. (Narration, Conversational)
  • Ava M. (Narration, Conversational, Promo)
  • Cameron S. (Narration)
  • Genevieve M. (Narration, Conversational, Promo)
  • Isabel V. (Narration)
  • Joe F. (Narration, Conversational, Promo)
  • Jordan T. (Narration, Conversational, Promo)
  • Kai M. (Narration, Conversational)
  • Owen C. (Narration, Conversational, Promo)
  • Paul B. (Promo)
  • Raine B. (Narration)
  • Ramona J. (Narration, Conversational, Promo)
  • Terra G. (Narration, Conversational)
  • Tristan F. (Narration)
  • Wade C. (Narration, Conversational, Promo)

American  - Appalachia (US) Voice Avatar

  • Donna W. (Narration, Conversational)

American  - Mountain West (US) Voice Avatar

  • Michael V. (Narration) 

Australian (en-AU) Voice Avatars

  • Greg G. (Narration, Conversational, Promo)
  • Zoey O. (Narration)

British (en-UK) Voice Avatars

  • Fiona H. (Narration, Conversational)
  • James B. (Narration, Conversational)

Candian (en-CA) Voice Avatars

  • Charlie Z. (Narration, Promo)

Irish (en-IE) Voice Avatar

  • Eric S. (Narration, Promo)

South African (en-ZA) Voice Avatar

  • Ben D. (Narration, Conversational)


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