Studio Updates (as of August 2022)

We’re constantly working to improve your Studio experience. Here’s a summary of what’s new.


Our WellSaid Voice Model update includes improvements in pronunciation and a new Respellings tool to help with phonetic spelling.

We focused on improving the voice avatar’s perceived quality:

  • more words are pronounced correctly, more often

  • sentence intonation is more natural, including questions

  • the AI is smarter with numbers and knows how to say a dollar amount, a year, or a phone number

  • the AI is smarter with specialized text and is better at saying URLs, acronyms, or an abbreviations


We have also launched the first iteration of a Respelling system that allows you to give precise pronunciation instructions. This allows you to control word sound and emphasis.


Audio Cut-Off: Customers had experienced abrupt endings to the clips they generated, and our latest release resolves this issue.

Accessing the previous version

If you want, you can keep creating using the previous version by following the steps below:

1. In Studio, select Account>Settings on the right menu.

2. Toggle TTS Versions to enable.

HubSpot Video

Create audio:

1. Open a new or existing project.

2. Select your chosen voice avatar and its style, and select Previous from the Version drop-down menu.

3. Create content as usual!