Maximizing Projects space

Note: Projects do not renew each month/year.

Projects in Studio

Projects help you organize clips within WellSaid Studio. With a paid subscription, either month-to-month or annual, you’re allotted a certain number of Projects to use.

  • Maker: Up to 5 Projects
  • Creative: Up to 50 Projects
  • Team: Up to 100 Projects per user
  • Enterprise: Unlimited Projects

You can choose to create and delete as many projects as you like while remaining at or below your maximum.

For Example: If you have a Creative subscription, you have a max of 50 active projects. If you delete projects, you will get that project back on your account, but it can never exceed 50 projects.

Maximizing space

To continue your workflow and stay under the maximum number of projects allotted to your subscription. You can try some of the following tips:

  • Delete any unwanted Projects to free up space.
  • Create content under one Project and label each audio clip appropriately to minimize confusion