Managing your projects

In WellSaid Studio, projects can be used to store and organize your clips. However, it's important to be aware of the project allocation based on your subscription type.  This article aims to explain project limits, offer tips for making the most of your space, and optimize your workflow within WellSaid Studio.

Understanding project allocations

With a paid subscription, whether on a month-to-month or annual basis, you are granted a specific number of projects based on your subscription tier:

  • Maker: Up to 5 Projects
  • Creative: Up to 50 Projects
  • Business: Up to 100 Projects per user
  • Enterprise: Unlimited Projects

It's important to note that project allowances do not renew each month or year. You are allotted a fixed number of projects throughout your subscription period.

Managing projects

You have the flexibility to create and delete projects as needed, provided you remain within your maximum allowance. For example, a Creative subscription allows for a maximum of 50 active projects. If a project is deleted, the slot becomes available for reuse, ensuring users can maintain their project count within the specified limit.

Maximizing space

To optimize your workspace and ensure you stay within your project limit, consider the following tips:

  1. Delete unwanted projects: Regularly review your projects and delete any unnecessary or outdated ones to free up space for new ones.

  2. Consolidate content: Instead of dispersing content across multiple projects, consider grouping related clips under one project. Utilize appropriate labels to distinguish between different audio clips, minimizing confusion and streamlining your workflow.