Importing and exporting your Pronunciation Library

Import and export your Pronunciation Library to easily share Replacements. 

New! We've compiled an extensive list of phonetic Respellings we found to work well. Check out our Replacements Library! Feel free to grab Replacements and add them to your Pronunciation Library.  

Importing your Pronunciation Library

1. In WellSaid, navigate to Pronunciation from the left menu.

2. To import a new file, select Import Library and click Select to find the .csv file you wish to add.

To upload a CSV file, make sure to include the following fields in order: Text, Replacement Text, Enabled, and Respelling.

*For Creative spellings, enter FALSE in the Respelling column.

Text Replacement Text Enabled Respelling
 Avatar ::A-vuh-tar:: TRUE TRUE
Copay co-pay TRUE FALSE


import library

3. Click on Import.

4. Your library has now been uploaded.

Exporting your Pronunciation Library

Your Pronunciation Library can also be shared with your team.

1. In your WellSaid account, navigate to Pronunciation from the left menu.

2. Select Export Library. This will download a .csv file you can forward to other WellSaid Studio users.