How do I get the right pronunciation? I can’t get the AI to say a specific word the way I need it to sound.

Try spelling the word the way it sounds or break it up into syllables.

The AI is generally very good at predicting pronunciation. However, A few things can trip it up: unfamiliar or rare nouns (such as company names, loan words from other languages, or specialized terminology), homonyms (read vs. read), acronyms, and numbers.

Here are some best practices for adjusting pronunciation. Make sure you add your adjusted word to Pronunciation on the left main menu bar to save for later use. 

Shorter Words

For a shorter word, try spelling the word the way it sounds. For example, edamame sounds best when you enter edamomay.

Longer Words

For a longer word, try breaking it up by syllables, then change the syllable that isn’t sounding right. For example, acromioclavicular sounds best when you type “a chromio clavickular” (including quotation marks).