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How do I get the AI to emphasize the correct syllable?

Quotation marks let you shape the emphasis of your sentence.

When you place a word or phrase in quotation marks, the AI knows to pay particular attention to those words.

You can try placing the syllable you’d like to have emphasized in quotation marks. 

If you want the AI to say “PROduce,” as in vegetables, but it’s saying “proDUCE” instead, try entering “pro” duce

With our
Respellings tool, you can now give the AI specific cues to help shape its predictions across avatars. Making pronunciations more predictable as you create with a variety of avatars. 

If you want the AI to say “PROduce” more consistently across avatars. With Respellings, you can enter it as ::PROH-doos::

Learn more about our Respellings tool.