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Number Pronunciation

Just like real voice actors, AI voices need to know if a number is a reference number, a value, an address, a dollar amount, a year, a phone number, etc.

Reference numbers or pages:

You may need to use spaces between numbers to help the AI make accurate predictions. If the reference number 1246 should be read as “one two four six,” enter it as "1 2 4 6"

Dollar amounts:

With dollar amounts: If $1,200,0000 should be read as “one point two million dollars” enter it as " $1.2 million" If it should be read as "one point two million" enter "1.2 million"


If you want 2022 to be read as "two thousand and twenty-two", you would enter it as "2,022 " 

Phone numbers:

A simple way to get the AI to read a number as a phone number ending with double digits is to add spaces between the numbers. For (206) 555-3131 you would enter it as "2 0 6 5 5 5 31 31"