How can I get the AI to say numbers? I want the AI to say 2020 as “twenty-twenty,” but it’s saying “two thousand twenty.”

Just like real voice actors, AI voices need cues to understand if a number is a reference number, a value, an address, a dollar amount, a year, a phone number, etc.

Here are a few examples that might help you navigate your studio experience.
Let’s take, for example, the number 1246. This can be a reference number, a page number, a dollar amount, or a year. 

Reference numbers or pages:

You may need to spell out symbols and use spaces between numbers to help the AI make accurate predictions. If you want it to read as “twelve forty-six,” type 12 46.

If the reference number 1246 should be read as “one two four six,” type 1 2 4 6.

Dollar amounts:

With dollar amounts, write the words in the order they are read: $12.46 sounds best as 12 dollars and 46 cents.


If you want 1246 to be read as twelve forty-six, enter 12 46

Phone numbers:

A simple way to get the AI to read a number as a phone number is to add spaces or dashes between the number. For (206) 555-3131 you would just enter it as "2 0 6 - 5 5 5 - 3 1 3 1"