WellSaid vs. Traditional Voice Over: Calculating the Cost Savings

Investing in new tech can feel like a gamble. We have a way to show you how much you will save with WellSaid vs. traditional voiceover. 

In Studio, look at the “Projects” section of your account. You will see the lifetime savings of your WellSaid subscription, based on your actual creation history. You’ll see your individual use and your team’s total savings.

wellsaid value vs traditional voice over-1

How We Calculate Value:

We've researched the cost of traditional voice over: hiring voice talent, booking recording studio time, and coordinating retakes. 

  • Traditional voice over costs between $30-$55 per finished minute of audio. We’ve confirmed this range with customers like you, and we use $45 per finished minute as the reference. 
  • Looking at your actual usage, we total the characters you've rendered in your scripts and convert them to minutes at 1000 characters spoken per minute.
  • We multiply those minutes x $45 to get what your projects would have cost using traditional voice over.

Every project is different, but we think you'll quickly appreciate the cost savings and quality of WellSaid.

You can share this breakdown with your team to demonstrate the value of WellSaid.